(Rose walk to Christine)

ROSE: Who are you?

CHRISTINE: I'm Doctor Maxwell replacament.

ROSE: Look yesterday I saw how you was spying on my and friends. So who are you?

CHRISTINE: Like I said, my name is Christine Storm and I'm here tto replace Doctor Maxwell.

MH Main RoomEdit

(Sally, Ryan, Jessica, Mark and few other members was sitting next table.)

ANDREA: We don't know if we can trust Amy or not.

JESSICA: You right.

SALLY: Wait Jess, she was attacked by vampires.


SALLY: I think we need wait until Shannon shows here and say what see think.

(Jessica says nothing, meanwhile Nicky walk in room.)

NICKY:Okay so, Amy is sleeeping.

ANDREA: You sure about that.


(Nicky sit next to table.)

MARK: You know what is wrong with you, Andrea and you, Jess. Is that you don't trust anybody. You probably don't trust none of us.

JESSICA: I only trust myself and Sally. I don't know if I can trust anyone of you, because vampires compel you.

MARK: Wait I'm werewolf, how you know if vampires can compel my.

JESSICA: I don't know, but I don't trust nobdy.

(Sally that look sad at Jess, Nicky see her.)

NICKY: You okay.

SALLY: Yes, everything fine.