(Blonde woman was running. She was trying to catch her breath, but she doesn’t manage. Soon she stop and saw man biting another blonde woman in neck. There was scary look on her place, like it was saying help me.)

SALLY: You freak reveal her.

(Man look at Sally and drop another woman on ground.)

DOMINIC: Who are you?

SALLY: You worst nightmare.

(That Dominic preferred attack Sally, but mysterious force field pushed him away and he hit wall. Dominic that stand up and look at Sally angry. But soon he noticed that she raised her hands in sky. There was confusing look on his face. Sally that have him half evil smile and that she raise her hands down and lighting hit Dominic. Dominic start scream in pain and Sally smile again and that lighting stop hit Dominic and she that push him away with telekinesis)

DOMINIC: You bitch. I’m going rip your throat.

(That Dominic runs away. Sally that ran to woman on ground and start look for woman pulse.)


(Sally was in the lab. She was looking at the woman, who she saving. That woman was lying on the bed. That Sally look at another woman working at the computer.)

SALLY: So how she?

NICKY: Well it going take for couple of hours to recover, but everything okay.

SALLY: Great. Maybe I need send Marcus and Ryan to find that vampire.

NICKY: That great. By the way where Jess. I thought you both are best friends.

SALLY: Yes we are friends. But she hates cooking.

(But soon the both saw that woman was waked up. Nicky look at her.)

NICKY: Hey there how’re you?

AMY: Great. So, where I’m?

SALLY: Least just say in difference style hospital.

AMY: (confused) I don’t understand?

NICKY: Last just say dear, you were lucky that Sally find you.

(Amy looks at Sally)

AMY: You saved me from that psycho?

SALLY: Yes and please don’t thank my.

AMY: So where that psycho?

SALLY: I don’t know. He escaped, you need rest. And don’t worry he won’t find you here. This place is protected and nobody can get here.

(Amy nod his head and close her eyes.)

(Two mans is another room. They are talking and drinking beer.)

MARK: So you were flirting with her?

RYAN: And she said that she is not interested. Can you believe it?

MARK: Yes. It is because you don’t know what to say to woman.

RYAN: And you know? When did you last time was having some relationships.

MARK: You know that I can’t betray her.

RYAN: But she is…

(Ryan don’t finished say last word and as Sally walked in room.)

SALLY: Hey guys. I need your help.

MARK: So cutie what happened?

SALLY: (smiling at Mark) Well today I saved a woman from vampire. So maybe you both can look for that vampire.

RYAN: But how did we find out that vampire?

MARK: First of all. Sally you okay. Did that vampire don’t bite you.

SALLY: Mark I’m fine. (look at Ryan) Ryan did you forget that person standing near you is a pure blood werewolf. Who can catch event small scent.

RYAN: Okay let’s go to find that vampire and kill it.

MARK: Yes it sounds great.

(That Ryan walk outside of the building and Mark look at Sally.)

MARK: You really okay.

SALLY: Mark stop worrying for my. That vampire doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t touched my.

MARK: Great. You know how I’m worrying for you.

(Sally hug Mark and kiss him on check)

SALLY: Yes I’m worrying for you to.

Mark carEdit

(Ryan was sitting in car, Mark was driving)

RYAN: So what did was between you and Sally. Did you couple or something? Because you so protective to her.

MARK: No. She just remind my daughter

(Ryan that look from window and see black haired woman kicking Dominic in face. Ryan looks at Mark and smile)

RYAN: I think Jess just find our vampire.

(Mark that stop car and run out of the doors and sniff air and look at Ryan)

MARK: I think you right.

(That Mark and Ryan start run in direction where Jessica was fighting Dominic. Soon from Jessica hands appeared fire balls and they hit Dominic. Dominic fell on ground and screamed in paint. Jessica that run to the Dominic and kick him in face and he fell few meters away. But Jessica that saw Mark and Ryan running at her direction and used telekinesis on them and they next to Mark call.)

MARK: Hey why you did that for?

JESSICA: Because I’m going take care of that vampire and I don’t need your help.

(That Dominic preferred attack Jessica from behind. But she manages turn around and kicks him in gut. Soon Jessica eyes turn red and she that grab Dominic with big strength from ground and drop him to nearest tree. That Dominic look angry and run away.)

JESSICA: Coward.

(Soon to her run Mark and Ryan and saw how her eyes return to normal color.)

RYAN: That was great.

JESSICA: (look angry) what are you doing here?

MARK: Well we were tracking that vampire. Sally save girl from that vampire.

JESSICA: It’s she okay? It’s Sally okay?

RYAN: Yes she is fine.

JESSICA: Well I don’t believe you. So drive me to her.

MARK: Jess she is okay. (Notice angry look on her face.) Let’s go.

College (Next Day)Edit

(Sally was walking through college. Soon to her run red haired woman, next to her was girl with blonde hairs near shoulder and black haired girl.)

MEGHAN: Hey Sally how are you? Did you saw that new show.

SALLY: What show?

ROSE: Gallows Hill, if I’m right?

MEGHAN: Yes. At least one person know what I’m talking about.

VICTORIA: Hey I saw that show. And I think that producer did great job. Those characters in that show: Jack, Angelica, Dillon, Jennie and others is wonderful. I can’t wait for next episode.

ROSE: Yes let’s hope Caleb doesn’t do anything to Angelica.

MEGHAN: Well I want see how he kills Angelica. She is so ugly and boring.

(Sally that look and she guy flirting with some girl. Meghan and Rose look at her.)

MEGHAN: Wow Kenny Desmond so hot.

ROSE: Yes, but somebody else have eyes on him.

(Meghan looks at Sally, who is day dreaming. But soon Sally look and she Meghan looking at her.)

SALLY: What?

MEGHAN: So you have crush on Kenny?

SALLY: Who me. No, really no.

VICTORIA: Your look says otherwise.

SALLY: Shut up.

Building outside townEdit

(Dominic is in some building, every window is dark. Soon to him walk female and seat next to him and kiss him. But he pushed her away.)

GRACEY: Hey what going on.

DOMINIC: Nothing my dear. I’m just angry. Yesterday two witches kicked my ass. How I hate those witches. Today I’m going to find a rip throats out of those witches.

(But another man walks next to Dominic.)

PAUL: Maybe you don’t need to rush. I will contact with him and he will have us order.

DOMINIC: And what he going do. He won’t send us kill those witches. He will send somebody else. So Paul, you won’t call him and tonight we are going kill him. Who with my?

GRACEY: (raising her hand) I’m.

(That both look at Paul, who slowly nods his hand.)

PAUL: Okay I’m with you. It’s look like I don’t have any other choice.

GRACEY: And you right. (Look at Dominic) How did you think those witches are tasty. Because last time I eat witch was 25 years ago.

DOMINIC: Least hope. Because I want taste witch blood and how they cry in pain when I rip they throats out of their bodies.

MH medical labEdit

(Nicky is working at lab. Soon to she looks at Amy who is lying on bed, but not sleeping.)

NICKY: Hey you wake up.

AMY: Great you noticed. So when did I can go out of here.

NICKY: I don’t know. You still not recover. But I’m sure that soon.

AMY: But I can leave this room or I’m prisoner.

NICKY: No you not prisoner and if you want can walk around here, but please keep your nose from some rooms.

AMY: Why?

NICKY: Let just say it are a secret and you won’t understand it.

(Soon in lab walk Mark who smile to Nicky and look at Amy.)

MARK: Hey you probably that girl that Sally saved, right?

AMY: (smiling) yes. I’m Amy Marin and what is your name?

MARK: Mark.

AMY: And are you single Mark.

MARK: Well yes. But please don’t ask go with my on date. (Look at the Nicky) So how are you?

NICKY: Just fine.

(Mark look at Amy)

MARK: How you?

AMY: Everything great.

MARK: That sound… well I think great. Okay I need to go.

(Mark walk out of the room. Nicky that noticed Amy looking at her with confusing look.)

NICKY: what?

AMY: Nothing. But that guy is so hot.

NICKY: That person don’t want relationships with you, my and somebody else. You see few years ago his wife was killed and he afraid to hurt her feelings.

AMY: But she is dead.

NICKY: Yes, but he still love her. And it’s really wonderful. You know sometimes I dream to have that kind of relationships.

AMY: Well I know only thing. Me all relationships going end with random man on random bed every day.

NICKY: I see.

Old HouseEdit

(Sally was sitting next to old table and looking how angry Jessica with fireballs was hitting wall.)

JESSICA: Those two ruined that hunt.

SALLY: Come on, Jess. Marcus and Ryan are great peoples. And you sometimes need to calm down.

JESSICA: I never calm down, when there is vampire. (hit wall with fireball) Maybe you need try.

SALLY: Maybe later.

JESSICA: Okay do how you want.

(Jessica that look at window and it explode, Sally that stand down and start walk from building. Jessica looks at her.)

JESSICA: So you’re already leaving?

SALLY: Yes I have a lot of things to do. Bye.


(Sally walk out of building and Jessica continue hitting walls with fireballs.)

MH Mark roomEdit

(Marcus was lying on bed and looking at ceiling. That he take a photo from nightstand and look at it. In the photo there is black haired woman, with two black haired kids (boy and girl). )

MARCUS: Guys I missed you so much.

(But soon there was knock on the door. Marcus that returns photo on nightstand and look at door direction and there was another knock.)

MARCUS: Come in.

(Doors soon open and Amy walks in. Marcus looks alarmed and stands from bed.)

MARCUS: Hey Amy what are you doing here? Don’t worry I’m glad that you here.

AMY: Well I just wanted to see you.


AMY: You just looked so nice and I wanted ask that we probably can go somewhere.

MARCUS: Maybe later. Did you ever was in amusement park? Because I never get change to go there. I know that sound dumb. But I want go there.

AMY: Yes. But I want go to private place.

(Marcus star to look around the room and being to smile.)

MARCUS: Here is private.

AMY: You right. So maybe I need get ready.

MARCUS: Why, you need get ready. I order food and we eat.

AMY: But I was talking, maybe we both can.

MARCUS: Order pizza. I like pizza. I’m going order pizza. (walk out room, look at Amy) you love pizza with cheese.

(Amy nod and look how Marcus out of the room. That she look at Marcus family photo and smile. But soon she noticed a book next to photo. She take book in her hand and book title is “ Werewolves”. And that she open first book page and start to read it.)


(Rose was walking out college. That she noticed weird woman looking at her. Rose blinks, the woman is gone.)

ROSE: Wow that was weird.

VOICE: What weird?

(Rose turns around and sees Kenny standing next to her.)

ROSE: Nothing, you Kenny, right?

KENNY: Yes I saw you today with Meghan, Victoria and that blonde.

ROSE: Her name is Sally. She is my best friend.

KENNY: Yes she is so nice. But I need to go. My girlfriend is waiting for me. Okay goodbye.

(Kenny that walk away and Rose look at same direction where was standing a woman. Meanwhile same woman is standing in same direction, but she is invisible to others.)

MH Jessica Room(Night)Edit

(Sally was going in out of building, when she noticed Jessica lying on bed. Sally walks in Jess room and sit next to her.)

SALLY: So we are you don’t killing vampires?

JESSICA: I think I will take break for tonight

SALLY: You are going to go and train yourself.

JESSICA: So I can’t do that?

SALLY: You can, but sometimes I think you need to rest or start socializes with others here.

JESSICA: You know that I would love do that. But now my only purpose is killing vampires. And here is nothing that I can’t to talk, only you.

SALLY: How Ryan, Mark or Nicky.

JESSICA: Ryan, no thanks he is boring. Nicky is lab rat. Well Mark is great and funny, but he annoys my every time he open his mouth.

SALLY: Okay do how you like. But I’m going.

JESSICA: Great bye.

SALLY: Okay goodbye.

Some time Later outside MHEdit

(Sally is walking through street, she look at full moon at the sky. But soon she starts hear strange noises and that somebody grab her. Sally look and see Dickson and she can she vamp fangs. Sally being to use her powers, but Dominic with by strength pushed her away and Sally hit walk and lost her conscious.)

DOMINIC: That was easy.

(Soon to him walk Gracey)

GRACEY: So here is that witch?


GRACEY: I touch she by fight more, but I judge peoples before I see them. Okay if everything is ready. We can kill her? Because I want show sink fangs in her white neck.

DOMINIC: No there was another witch. I need find that witch and we both kill them.

PAUL: (come in view) don’t forget my.

DOMINIC: I never.

MH Mark roomEdit

(Mark and Amy are eating pizza on Mark bed.)

AMY: Wow it’s taste great right.

MARK: Yeah.

AMY: (look at book) you won’t believe I read that book.

(Mark looks alarmed.)

MARK: You what?

AMY: What are you angry? Sorry I never am going touch anything else.

MARK: No it’s great. But it was my family legacy.

AMY: But it’s fantasy book about werewolves and nothing else.

(Mark that look and see full moon from window)

MARK: Wow it’s beautiful, right?

AMY: It’s just normal moon.

MARK: Yes but it’s beautiful.

(But soon Amy noticed that Mark eyes changed color and she start scream.)

MARK: You okay?

AMY: Your eyes, they are yellow. Oh my god. Are you werewolf?

MARK: (laugh) Yes I’m werewolf. And if you ask if other peoples here is werewolves, mostly are, but others no. Here are witches and humans.

AMY: Did that guy who attacked me was werewolf?

MARK: Nope it was normal vampire. You see this building is secret organization that fights with vampires. All peoples here have lost family members.

AMY: Okay. So I can join your organization.

MARK: (confused) why?

AMY: Well I was attacked by vampire. So I know about vampires.

MARK: Okay I will talk with Shannon. She is our boss and really wonderful woman. She is kind, friendly and old. Did I say that she old?

AMY: That sounds great. (Look at full moon.) So moon don’t have effect on you?

MARK: (smiling) you right. I can turn when I want and I always have my human minds. But off course I can’t speak, because I will by wolf and you know wolves can’t speak or can they?

AMY: They can’t.

MH living roomEdit

(Jessica was walking back and forward. Nicky and Ryan was looking at her)

RYAN: You need calm down.

JESSICA: How can, I? Sally supposed return from that stupid cooking class few hours ago.

NICKY: Jess, Sally not you. She probably decided go to cafeteria and flirt with boys.

JESSICA: That dumbass thing I ever hear.

(Jessica start walk away)

NICKY: And where are you going?

JESSICA: To do location spell and track down Sally.


(Rose is in reading book. Soon to her walk old woman.)

STEVIE: Hey Rose is time to close up.

ROSE: Stevie can you have my key and I lock it.

STEVIE: I don’t know. I never left key to costumers.

ROSE: Stevie please, this work is very important to me.

STEVIE: Sorry Rose I can’t. But if you start work here.

ROSE: You mean library.

STEVIE: Yes. I can hire you and you can by how much time you need.

ROSE: That sounds wonderful.

(Stevie have Rose the key and see smiles.)

House outside of TownEdit

(Sally is tied to pole and Gracey is looking at her)

GRACEY: Wow you don’t look so touch, don’t you witch?

(Gracey that prefer to bite Sally in neck, but Dominic push her away.)

DOMINIC: Don’t touch her.

GRACEY: But I’m hungry.

DOMINIC: Gracey please wait, we need find the other witch.


SALLY: What other witch?

DOMINIC: Well she has black hairs and fierce look on her face.

SALLY: (whispering) Jess.

DOMINIC: You now her?

SALLY: I don’t know anything and please leave her alone.

GRACEY: So this means you know that witch.

SALLY: I said I don’t know that witch. But please don’t hurt her. Maybe she is innocent person.

DOMINIC: So what if she innocent. She that by more fun to kill. And she attacked my. So let’s say it would by pay back.


(Jess was sitting next to table and there was map. She was saying some not English words, soon her eyes turned in red color and map started burn and there was only small piece of map. That she take that piece and run in main room.)

(Ryan, Nicky, Mark and Amy was talking, but soon they noticed Jessica running out of building. Mark soon shouted.)

MARK: Wait.

(Jess stop and look at Mark)


MARK: Where are you going?

JESSICA: (look at Amy) She is here and I can’t have you information?

AMY: I know about everything, about the vampires, werewolves. So you don’t need afraid and you can spit everything.

JESSICA: Okay I’m going to search for my best friend.

MARK: Great I’m going with you.

JESSICA: (angry) No. Nobody is going with my do you understand fleabag.

MARK: Sally my friend too. So if you are going to search for her, me too.

JESSICA: Okay let’s go.

(Mark and Jessica start walk out of the building. Amy look at Nicky and Ryan.)

AMY: Maybe I needed go with them.

RYAN: Why?

AMY: I don’t know. Probably soon I join this team and I need learn more about vampires.

NICKY: If Shannon allows you join MH, that great. But for now you are only female woman who know about MH and nothing else.

AMY: Well that sounds fair. But what happen if that Shannon, don’t allow my join this team?

RYAN: First of all you will be asked to leave it and say nothing about vampires or werewolves or anything else, you will learn or see.

Mark carEdit

(Mark was looking at Jess, who was holding map.)

MARK: So where she is?

JESSICA: (look at map) in the old Cherry Falls church.

MARK: Okay Cherry Falls we are coming here.

JESSICA: Can you just shut up and drive. I hate when you talk.

MARK: Jess, why are you so angry? What have I done to you?

JESSICA: Nothing. I just don’t like when peoples talk with my. So maybe you can drive and keep your mouth shut.

MARK: Okay. (Look at Jess) But maybe I can ask you one thing?

JESSICA: What now?

MARK: How did you and Sally become friends? Well as I know she is you only friend and from you attitude I see you won’t make more friends.

JESSICA: Okay I will tell you, but later. Now we have to find Sally and rescue her.

MARK: Great.

MH medical labEdit

(Amy was in lab and was lying on bed. But soon doors open and woman(same that Rose saw early) walk in room.)

AMY: Hello.

CHRISTINE: Hey, Amy. It’s nice to meet you.

AMY: How you know my name? Do you are Shannon?

CHRISTINE: No my name not Shannon.

(But soon Nicky walk in room and Christine vanish in air.)

AMY: (surprised) Do you saw that?

NICKY: Saw what?

AMY: There was woman and she vanished in air.

NICKY: Amy peoples can’t vanish in air it is impossible.

AMY: But she was here. I asked if she is Shannon, she said no and that you come here and she gone. How can you explain that?

NICKY: Probably you were fall asleep and dreamed everything.

(Meanwhile invisible Christine is watching they conversation and carefully walk out of room and smile to herself.)

MH living roomEdit

(Ryan was drinking café as soon he hears opening door sound. He looks and see Rose walking in building.)

RYAN: Where you were so long?

ROSE: Just doing my work and yes being to work in library.

RYAN: So finally Stevie have you key?

ROSE: Yes.

RYAN: Do you really thing that there will be book about him?

ROSE: I don’t know. But I need find it, before he murder more innocent peoples. So where others?

RYAN: Nicky visit new girl. Mark and Jess is gone to search for Sally and where others I don’t know and I don’t care. So if you want maybe we can drink café or something stronger.

ROSE: Thanks, but I will refuse. I’m going to sleep.


(Mark and Jessica sit and watch old church.)

MARK: So what now?

JESSICA: You stay here and I’m going fight vampires.

MARK: No, how are you going rescue Sally. You can’t there just run and say stop. Because you can’t to know how many of them are there.

JESSICA: Okay that what is your plan?

MARK: You will get their attention and I will walk from behind doors and save Sally.

JESSICA: It is dumbest plan that I hear. But okay fleabag least go.

(That Mark takes rifle from car and they walk out of car and careful start walk to the church. Mark start walk in another direction and Jessica that run in front doors and kick them. )

(Dominic, Paul and Gracey look alarmed as they see Jessica.)

GRACEY: Here that witch’s?


(Jessica look at tied Sally and that she looks angry at Dickson and others.)

JESSICA: Reveal her or you will regret this.

(That Gracey start to run very fast, but strong wind blow her away.)

JESSICA: Don’t thing about that.

(Jess that start levitate old wooden block and it start fly in Paul and knock him out. Jessica put wooden block on ground and looks directly at Dickson.)

JESSICA: So you alone.

(But soon Gracey grab Jessica from behind and sink her fangs in neck. Jessica start scream in pain and agony. That Dickson walk next to them and also do same thing that few seconds ago Gracey did and start drink Jessica blood.)

GRACEY: What tasty blood.

(But soon they all hear wolf howl and they move away from Jessica and see grey wolf who is growling at them and Sally (who is untied) holding rifle.)

DOMINIC: Do you really think you can stop us.

(Sally nod and press trigger and bullet start fly and hit Paul in head and he start burn. Gracey look scared and run out of church with her speed. )

DOMINIC: (shouting) Coward.

(That Dominic prefers to attack Sally, but wolf jump on him and rip his throat. But Dominic throat start heal and he grab wolf and drop him away few meters.)

DOMINIC: Dumb animal.

(But soon he hears shotgun noise and she that Sally pressed trigger. Dickson look confused, but soon he start scream in paint as his whore body is burning. Sally that drop shotgun on ground and start run to the Jessica who is waking up.)

SALLY: You okay.

JESSICA: What irony. We came here rescue you and you rescued us. (Look at wolf) fleabag you okay?

(Wolf howl)

Old HouseEdit

(Jessica was hitting walls with fireballs. But she stops doing it as she start hear door opening. Jessica turn around and she Mark.)

JESSICA: What do you want? And how did you known about this place?

MARK: Sally told me. So here is place where you doing practice.

JESSICA: (annoyed) Mark what do you want?

MARK: Well you told me that you will tell my how did you and Sally become friends.

JESSICA: I don’t think. I can’t tell you that.

MARK: But you said.

JESSICA: Yes I said a lot of things. But I hate to tell peoples my story. But if you want stay here and watch me, stay. But don’t ask dumb questions or any questions. Because you be dead wolf.

(Mark say nothing and sit in old chair and start watch how Jess form fireball in her arms.)


(Sally was sitting in her sit, next to her was sitting Rose, that Meghan and Victoria.)

ROSE: So how you feel?

SALLY: Great. I killed two vampires and it was amazing.

(Soon in auditorium walk Christine and Rose look surprised.)

CHRISTINE: Hello my name is Christine Storm and I will replace Doctor Maxwell for some time.

ROSE: Oh my god.

SALLY: You okay?

ROSE: (look at Sally and start to smile) Yes. She just looked familiar.

(That Christine looks at Rose direction and start to smile.)

MH medical labEdit

(Amy is lying on bed. Soon she hear noises and she dark haired woman walking at her direction.)

AMY: Mom?

LORA: Hello sweetheart.

AMY: But mom you dead?

LORA: I know it.

(And soon mysterious figure run to Lora and sink a fangs in her next. Amy starts to scream and soon wake up and that she that noticed Nicky with confused look.)

NICKY: (confused) you okay?

AMY: No I just dreamed my mother and her dead.

NICKY: Oh good I am sorry.

AMY: And you know what was weirder. She was killed by vampire. But my both parents die in auto crash.

NICKY: Amy is hard to say, but maybe it was truth what you were dreaming. Vampires fake accidents like auto crash or something else, to hide their traces.

Mysterious placeEdit

(Gracey is looking scary, mysterious person is walking back and forward.)


GRACEY: I’m so sorry. But it was Dominic plan.

MYSTERIOUS PERSON: I know that. But you agreed with him. And you are my daughter.

GRACEY: I’m sorry father.

MYSTERIOUS PERSON: You don’t need by sorry, my daughter. You need by happy that I will have you second change. Because if you next time, it going by your last day in this ugly world.)

GRACEY: I understand.

(Father (face is unseen) walk to her and hug her.)

FATHER: Good to hear. Now remember we have to kill them both. Before Christine find them and tell them, what they don’t need to know.

GRACEY: I remember that.

FATHER: Good girl.